NEEDED: 1for50 NEXT STEP training resources

by BeckyD on October 28, 2014


It’s Time to Start Gathering NEXT STEP Training Resources! 

At long last, we are very close to finishing the background set up of the 1for50 library to enable us to better gather and share training resources that go beyond the 1for50 CORE curriculum.

Do you have training resources to share (curriculum, videos, articles, papers) that will better equip local leaders to reach and disciple more kids for Christ? These resources should:
  • Fit within at least ONE element of the 1for50 Hand (Make Disciples, Reach the Unreached, Engage Families, Nurture the Whole Child, Work Together, Heart of the Leader, Involve the Next Generation)
  • Be open source (free of copyright to be shared, used, changed by others)
  • Bible/Jesus centered
  • Follow sound educational principles and be in interactive creative style
  • Easy to read/understand & use across cultures (quality layout, visual elements, clear language skill/writing)
  • In a format that is easy to share and reproduce (MS Word, pdf, Mpe, mp4, QuickTime, Power point, etc.)

What topics are we looking for? CLICK HERE for a “dream list” of ideas gathered by working groups over the last 1-2 years.Please send submissions or questions to Karen at


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