1for50 Update

by admin on October 9, 2015

1for50 continues to make waves into the lives of children through Kids Clubs – check out this Beautiful Testimony shared by one of the 1for50 leaders in India, of God Transforming Children’s Lives:  “Since I understood the 1for50 vision, I have made time to do front-line evangelism and set up a children’s club in a very1for50 snap poor neighborhood in our city. We started last year in June and are discipling about 50 kids every Sunday and have special events in summer. Thirty-four children have accepted to believe and obey Jesus and we can see changes in them. They are learning to pray on their own, worship meaningfully and understand God’s Word. This has been no easy task as they have not had quality upbringing. They would shout to talk, quarrel, fight and not get along with each other. These are getting to be things of the past and we give glory to God.”

Check out the website to learn more about this amazing training initiative – www.1for50.net


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