Our Projects


KidsHubs local: Spreading models of whole life discipleship by learning from Jesus model with His disciples as well as what Deuteronomy 6:4-9 describes as all day, whole life discipleship. Already leaders in many countries are doing this alongside sport, media, drama, computers, gardening, cooking, art and more. This is a model that enables families, churches, schools, clubs and camps all to go deeper in their discipleship with children.  (www.KidsHubs.com)


KidsHubsTV: Connecting local producers of children’s TV, film and other content into a community to share content. Creation of “KidsHubsTV” or like-minded shows in as many nations as possible to broadcast to large numbers of children. (www.kidshubTV.com)


Engagement with other movements: Intentionally positioning key players within influential global forums and forming strategic alliances to promote a special emphasis on children. GCF is currently involved with both the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism and the World Evangelical Alliance and is exploring ways to collaborate with other networks which impact the lives of children.

Children-at-Risk: Engaging key players of movements of the Global Church to push for concrete and practical actions to sustained, collaborative actions to engage in issues affecting children at risk around the world. The major initiative this year is the Lausanne Consultation on Children at Risk, to follow through on the Cape Town Commitment Call to Action on Behalf of Children. The Consultation aims to raise broader awareness and commitment to address the overwhelming issues affecting children in poverty such as violence, abuse, trafficking and widespread exploitation.


PrintThe 1for50 vision: Equipping at least one local outreach and discipleship leader for every 50 local children around the world so that EVERY child in EVERY community will have SOMEONE to help them know and follow Jesus for a lifetime. There have been more than 180 multiplication events so far.  At this time, the focus is on: building and encouraging strong regional teams to vision, equip and support local activity; working out what we need to measure and how we will do it to move towards seeing the 1for50 dream realised for EVERY child; gathering and developing more training modules; and exploring ways to get both quantity and quality training to every community. (www.1for50.net)

Aim Lower Leadership Experience: Partnering together to develop a leadership institute that will train and equip leaders and innovators in the field of children’s ministry, supported by mentoring and mutual accountability. With ALLE being launched in 2016, we are currently working on the content, structure and faculty for the 5-week intensive, and will be moving ahead on the mentoring and accountability aspects and all the logistics that underpin these.  Our challenge is to ensure that the GCF values and learnings are embedded in all that takes place within the year-long experience.


Max7 - open source resources for children's ministry

Max7 – open source resources for children’s ministry

Open Source Resources: Raising awareness of the power of open source resources and how people and organisations can contribute to and benefit from this. The Max7 website and 2fish5bread discs are user-friendly, multi-language tools providing access to a wide range of open-source resources for children’s ministry – from every country, for every country. Current efforts focus on the re-design of the Max7 website, exploring how to distribute these resources off-line, and supporting the other projects. (www.Max7.org)

AimLower Initiative: Developing platforms through which we can spread the ideas, ethos and news of GCF. Through the web site people can find an introduction to and regular news about the work of the Global Children’s Forum. The Aim Lower Journal is an online journal contributing to the worldwide discussion on mission and discipleship among children. These, along with our social media presence, seek to reinforce the work of all our Project work teams and provide Biblical and practical insights. (www.AimLower.com and www.AimLowerJournal.com)

Additional projects are being developed in the areas of online discipleship of children, a site that gathers best-practice models, greater collaboration around research and more.


Producing a Church Strategy Resource Pack (DVD & website) that helps local faith communities to see and elevate the importance of families in their ministries. To achieve this we are initiating a series of Continental Conversations that bring together people from the same cultural background to hear the heartbeat of family from their perspectives, to audit what is currently happening and to explore how we can partner for a better future for families. The first of these conversations was held in Australia 14-15 May. (www.letstalkfamily.org)


Supporting the development of local networks to initiate and expand effective children’s ministry and equip local children’s workers. These networks are not run by GCF, but the leaders have strong ties with us and we seek to encourage and support them. Examples include Reaching Europe’s Children, India’s National Children’s Network, the Ugandan Children’s Forum and other new partnering efforts happening in Africa.