Aim Lower Learning Experience

by BeckyD on August 30, 2013

Imagine a group of young leaders (between the ages of 25 and 35) around the world who are engaged in children’s ministries; leaders who are wanting to grow in their understanding of God’s mission, to stretch their thinking and discover new models and strategies for helping children to follow Jesus.  They are working with a church or Christian organisation either as staff or volunteers.  They keep an eye on trends in the world and want to ensure that the children they work with are equipped to live as Jesus’ followers in the 21st century – whether that be in Australia, Nepal, Syria, …  These are committed people – loving God, loving children and serious about practicing the values of the Kingdom in the way that they work.

The Aim Lower Learning Experience (ALLE) will be a rigorous year of mentoring, community research, face-to-face experiential learning and cutting edge projects. Those who participate will be chosen carefully and prayerfully.  Most of the learning will take place where they live and work; the exception being a 6-week intensive when they will have the chance to meet with the other participants and interact with key leaders in children’s ministry from around the world.  We expect that as they end the year’s leadership experience, they will be even more valuable to the ministry in which they are involved, but also that they will form a group of people around the world, networking with each other, sharing ideas and partnering on projects.

There are a number of global agencies that are committed to making this dream a reality.  We believe it is from God and look forward to the directions that God will take us.  It is envisioned that the first Learning Experience will start at the beginning of 2015.

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