The Importance of Children

Children of the world are currently being reached from every angle by political parties, other faiths, secularism, corporations and a myriad of other causes. Yet God designed all of us, including the children of the world, for a relationship with Him. Children need to know the truth of His claims, to experience a personal relationship with Him and to be equipped to follow and serve Him throughout their lives.

Imagine if, as the global body of Christ, we affirmed that one of our main goals was to introduce children to Jesus and to disciple them in such a way as to encourage deep, long-lasting and community-engaging Christian faith.

Our hope in partnering together is to change the attitudes and actions of the church towards engaging with children and to provide the tools, reflection, impetus to creativity, stories and models to do so.

This is particularly important as we realise the vast numbers of the world’s children – many of whom have yet to hear of Jesus and his love for them.