Empowering Children

We desire to empower and enable all children to grow up in safety, living life to the full, following Jesus and developing their gifts and abilities God’s way. Therefore, we are seeking and multiplying ways of enabling children and teenagers to have a voice and participate in the evangelism and discipleship of others, knowing that they are active members of the church today as well as being our future church!

Working models:

KidsHubs local – Experimenting with models of giving children the support, encouragement, equipment, knowledge and resources needed to play with ideas on how to make a difference in their nation. What is the “currency” of today that would empower children to make a difference to their world? What if caring adults helped children to apply their relationship with God to everyday life in their community? KidsHubs website

KidsHubsTV – Connection of producers of children’s TV, film and other content in a community to share content. Creation of “KidsHubsTV” or like-minded shows in as many nations as possible to broadcast to large numbers of children. KidsHubsTV website