Enabling Families

GCF Family ReportA family’s journey through life is like travelling a river. In order to safely maneuver through these waters they will need a well-built boat capable of getting them safely through the rough waters, obstacles, and exposure to the elements. Many tributaries will flow into their river that will influence their journey. To safely navigate these challenging waters this family needs a sturdy boat. From where will they get the materials to build their boat?

The Christian church is among many in the boat building industry. Are we helping families to build the best possible boats for their journey? We must:

  • Build better boats
  • Provide better rudders
  • Develop better navigators
  • Be better tug boats
  • Establish better dry docks

River of life


We want to explore what God could do if the many agencies serving families across the globe journeyed together in some way – nationally, regionally, globally – bringing influence and initiatives to serve the church as they serve the greater needs of children.

To this end, we are holding national, regional and continental Family Conversations to bring people together and begin the conversation. We are also developing resources to help families around the world. For more information, visit www.letstalkfamily.org.