Children Praying for their Families

by BeckyD on April 3, 2017

Did you know that every child can be an agent of hope in their families, communities, and their church and in the world? Yes, even your child can be someone that can bring hope to someone. God can use every child just like he uses adults to serve with Him in His redemptive plan for mankind – bringing wholeness to the brokenness, reconciling people to God and helping them follow Jesus for life!! That is why we held this event.

On the 4th March we held a day of children praying for families. We invited people from all over the world to hold this event on the same day in their churches and communities where children come together with at least one member of their family to pray for them. Anyone they live with and consider family could join in and they prayed for their own families, families in their communities, their own country and a family from another country of their choice. The program varied with prayer, songs, short games and other activities and it really was a wonderful and moving time as we really experienced God in our presence. Children and their parents were encouraged to continue praying for those families when they returned home. We had 55 children and 20 adults at our venue and similar in numbers in all the other venues. We had it in three venues in East London and one in Kenya as far as I have heard. We are hoping that next year on the 11th March, more Children’s Leaders will hold this event.

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