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by BeckyD on October 8, 2013

cb7a777b-8474-43cb-bc71-992e659e46d8Thinking ahead to how you want to share the Christmas story with your children? Here are a couple of videos (ranging from the conventional to the quirky!) available for free download from Max7.

Waffle and Flip – Jesus is Born – In this fun video clip, Waffle and Flip discover the truth about Jesus being born as a baby AND what will happen when he grows up!

Waffle and Flip – the Shepherds and the Wisemen – Flip is worried because she didn’t find a gift for Waffle. She is terrified that Waffle will not be her friend anymore. Waffle and Flip find out what it means to be Jesus’ friend

Same Again , Please – Christmas Time with Waffle – This is a short video featuring Waffle. He learns about the gift that we have all been given at Christmas. Using John 3:16

R U Smarter than a Fly? – Christmas Pudding – Three flies and a maggot are the key eyewitnesses to Jesus’ life in this quirky 2D animated series.

The Christmas Story – Three 1-2 minute animations of the Christmas Story (Birth, Shepherds, Wisemen) using the CEV text from Matthew and Luke

Luke 2 – Christmas – The story of how the shepherds heard about the birth of Jesus. (Luke 2:8-21)

For more Christmas things – scripts, lessons, PowerPoints, etc – search for “Christmas” on Max7!

Christopher Maphosa October 21, 2013 at 2:42 pm

Many thanks team for sharing these videos for the benefit of God’s children in the globe.
May the Lord God bless you

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