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by admin on July 20, 2016

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Editorial Focus
The journal seeks to be a thoughtful stimulus to thinking about the nature of Christian work with children . It is seeking to engage the growing number of people employed by churches and Christian groups in a rich conversation about biblical foundations, mission and discipleship. This in turn should enrich the wider conversation in the church as a whole about work with children. It is not seeking to primarily appeal to the everyday volunteer but will seek to influence those who influence that volunteer.

Key subjects will include
1. Biblical Insights
2. Mission Thinking
3. Spirituality of the Child
4. The Child and Culture
5. Learning Styles
6. Children at Risk
7. Working in the Community
8. Resource Overviews

Editorial Requirements
We will be looking for articles of between 1000 – 3000 words that are thoughtful but also have a point of view. Dispassionate overviews with 50 footnotes are not what we’re after although we are happy to receive academically stringent work that has the sources noted at the end.

We are also looking for reviews of books and all types of resources that are between 200 and 1000 words long. These could be about a single item or cluster of resources.

Article Submission
The ideal is for the editor to receive a 1 page A4 summary of the article via email. This helps the editorial planning but also ensures that a conversation can take place about the ground that the article covers. The editor has the discretion to say no to an article on grounds of length, editorial duplication or a because it has a focus on ready to use resources or general vision and management issues. We are happy to review resource and leadership material but the focus of the journal is on mission, spirituality and biblical insight.

The Journal is run on a ‘covering costs’ basis. We cannot pay for articles but will fully acknowledge their source, the work of the writer and the website or postal addresses where people can find out more about them or the focus of the article.

Contact: Dave Roberts –

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