Ethiopians say ‘Thank You!’

by BeckyD on September 19, 2013

In a national event and the first of its kind, the Ethiopian Child Development Training and Research Centre (CDTRC) worked with a broad team to host ‘Love Harvest: a national initiative to celebrate champions of children’. The ceremony took place on August 21 and 22 and was conducted in the new and beautiful African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa. The Global Children’s Forum (GCF) and many other local and international child-focused networks and organisations were recognised and celebrated as part of the event.
The National Steering Committee, including Shiferaw Michael from GCF, recognised that Ethiopian children in need had been the recipients of acts of kindness for a long time. In an act of effective and gracious advocacy, they sought to acknowledge faithful and sacrificial investment in the country while at the same time encouraging an increased commitment to children by individuals, institutions, churches and national bodies. About 700 church, para church and invited guests participated in the colourful celebrations program. It was a fitting tribute…
Shiferaw @ Love Harvest

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