Family Conversation – The Phillipines Experience

by admin on August 24, 2016

Around the world conversations are springing up about faith, the family, mission and discipleship. Bible colleges, churches and Christian agencies are meeting to discover insight, wisdom and practical ideas. This has been prompted in part by the activities of the GCF Family group. Here is a snapshot of feedback from the Philippines conversation.

Date: July 13, 2016

Number of Participants: 48 excluding the members of the planning team
Number of Organizations Represented: 1 seminary, 10 churches, 22 organizations

Top 5 responses: What makes a healthy family/household?

1. Unity in the family with God as head
2. Basic needs of the family are provided
3. Nurturing
4. Respect of each other
5. Connected and thriving

What is preventing healthy families/households?

1. Spirituality lack
2. Poverty – material as well as psychosocial
3. Irresponsible parents
4. Changing family structure
5. External influence and threats

What initiatives have come out of the conversation?

  • Formalizing the formation of the Family Action Group which will be a collaboration of the 2 major Christian networks – 4/14 Pilipinas and Philippine Children’s Ministries Network. Several participants confirmed their participation in the action group.
  • Conduct a follow-up meeting after several written communications with interested participants for an initial vision-casting and mapping of short-term steps to be taken.
  • Participation of several from the 2 networks in a one day Family Consultation on August 10 that an existing Family Network is holding. The purpose is to develop links outside the Body of Christ and learn about what is already being done by other groups for the Filipino families.
  • The National Facilitator of 4/14 Pilipinas committed to adopt “Families and Children” as its theme for 4/14 events in 2017. This will be one item in the agenda when the steering committee meets on August 25.

You can find out more about family conversations here

Joel Kerimu August 25, 2016 at 10:44 pm

If the family is healthy spiritually, physically, morally, emotionally and mentally, it will greatly impart the children in the family.

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