Is Aim Lower an organization?
No. It is a group of 200 or so representatives from varying Christian Agencies who are partnering together on behalf of children to do together what can’t be done alone.

What is the statement of faith that unites this partnering group?
Lausanne Covenant

Why can’t I find the names of organizations/people who are participating in AimLower?
No one agency, denomination or group has the ability or resources to meet the challenges facing the global church in regards to reaching the 2.1 Billion children. Therefore, AimLower is a response to these challenges. This partnership is one way to enable different parts of the body, to work together and share its strengths in order to serve the whole. All contributions to AimLower projects are anonymous, therefore you will not find company logos, brands or names associated with these sites. All contributions are made voluntarily, and receive no payment. Any costs involved in production of the resources, are carried by the producers. Any costs involved in production are willingly borne by the producers.

So when you say open and free, does that really mean FREE?
Yes, please use any ideas found on these pages or the linked pages to supplement or grow the ministry God has placed in your hands to children.

Can I translate, change, or adapt items on this site or any of the project models?
Yes! We encourage you to “steal” and better any the ideas on this site.