GCF partnering in Liberia spreads training and resources

by BeckyD on July 24, 2013

GCF Liberia 2Emmanuel Jones writes:

“In Monrovia, 71 churches and 14 children’s agencies gathered for 2 days. We adopted a common focus to help equip every children’s Sunday school teacher and worker with training twice a year and to make available training materials from the Max7 website, 1for50 and CYCAS (sports ministry) to all churches and agencies through all of the regions.  15 coordinators were selected from the 15 regions of Liberia with responsibilities to duplicate the training and the Forum in their regions.

“Another 2-day meeting in Buchanan included 37 churches and 6 children’s agencies.  11 agencies have agreed to partner around providing resources to the various Children ministries and churches. They included several international children’s agencies and sports organisations, as well as local groups.”

Liberia GCF 3

Liberia GCF

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