Giving children a ‘Home for Good’

by BeckyD on January 21, 2016

Every day more than 50 children are taken into care in the United Kingdom. They are removed from chaotic, traumatic, abusive, neglectful or desperate situations. Some of them need a home in an emergency. Some of them need a temporary home until they can return to their families. Some of them need an occasional home to give their families a break. Some of them need a permanent home with a new forever family.


The Church is uniquely placed to offer its help to meet this need – both in terms of finding families to foster or adopt and providing an excellent community of support to wrap around those who do.

Home for Good ( aims to make adoption and fostering a significant part of the life and ministry of the Church in the UK. They raise awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents, encourage families to provide loving homes for the children in care, and equip the Church to offer welcoming communities for them. Through its web of connections, Home for Good has a voice into approximately 15,000 churches. If one family in each of these churches chose to foster or adopt, there would be no children in the UK without a home.

In recent days, Home for Good has initiated a new program focused on advocating for unaccompanied refugee children and helping people who are interested in fostering these children for a few days or long-term.

Home for Good is an example of what can be done when families, churches, organisations and even government work together for the sake of the most vulnerable children in their community.

Joel Kerimu January 22, 2016 at 9:55 am

Indeed, our house a home for the homeless!

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