Uganda Children’s Forum

by dave roberts on June 27, 2012

From a country where over 50% of her population is under the age of 15 making it one of the youngest country in the world, the idea of the Uganda Children Forum was just waiting to happen.

It all started when together with two other Ugandans I attended the Global Children’s Forum in Lebanon in 2010. It was not just a conference or seminar as usual. Our hearts were stirred while there and felt this is exactly what our country need at a time like this. A people with similar passion and commitment, come, sit, plan and pray together asking God how to reach Children of the world, was ‘The’ agenda. I have never attended a room with such talent and resource with the willingness to share in what now is termed as ‘open source’ like that.

The process started 6 months in advance with prayer breakfast meetings every other second Thursday in a month. March 2012, seemed so close, with many challenges in this journey, I finally concluded that this was not only going to be a good conference but a God-purposed one.

As we planned, we had a twist in ideas. We thought it wise since it was a Children Forum to give Children a go and/or platform and allow them come and run the first day of this 2-day conference. The role of adults was to come, sit and listen, as kids debated, discussed and planned for the future and ministry.  I am sure you are wondering; ‘what a weird and wildest dream’ yeah right, it is indeed but don’t underestimate the potential, passion and desire for children to step up say and do something in His kingdom.

Day 1 had a total 306  of which 238 were Children and 68 were adults but just listening and watching. There were 48 Organization represented in the forum. Day 2 had  a total of 74 adults (Care givers, head of organizations) and 27 young people for gave them feedback on their deliberation from Day 1. Every moment of the conference was a blessing, an eye opener and amazing. Children were well placed, many for the first time in their lives but yet contributed greatly; from setting up the conference, sitting arrangement, workshops, discussing, to taking photos and videos, conduction interviews, keeping time and running all plenary sessions.

I am glad, many people attended including, the Senator/member of Parliament in charge of Children affairs, directors, to children workers and schools heads not forgetting the invited children.

We were blessed and I would like to call upon you to create partnerships as to reach children and support similar endeavors. The journey is long but the first step was made and we give praise to the Lord!

Special thanks for the support received from both local and international partners, GCF and the kids that took part and those that led the way.

Richard, Uganda

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