Imagine …

by BeckyD on March 19, 2014

An aspirational statement that elevates the family as the primary source of ‘life to the full’ for every child.

Imagine a healthy heartbeat in the family, where there is…

  • A strong foundation in Christ, that gives them purpose and a destiny
  • A loving environment that gives them confidence to dream
  • Security in who they are, to risk doing something new
  • Safety to explore, with a safe harbor to return to
  • Identity in the past, so they can change the future
  • Someone who will be in their grandstand, while they seek to grow

Imagine a world where each child is raised in a household where…

  • life together is an adventure
  • milestones are celebrated
  • every child has someone that believes in them
  • children easily talk about their body and sex
  • children are encouraged to form good relationships of all ages
  • fathers are courageous and excited about family life
  • mothers are respected, honoured and cherished
  • healthy adult relationships are modeled
  • children are supported in their faith journey
  • a child’s voice is heard and valued
  • all ages play and learn together
  • children are active participants
  • parents/caregivers have access to support agencies
  • the local faith community is a valued partner
  • parents/caregivers take responsibility for their children
  • the family group serves in their community
  • the family group is welcoming and generous to those in need
  • problems are worked through together

Mum and child

A world filled with these families would transform communities, nations and continents

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