Kids Hubs TV in South Africa – Episodes and Emotion

by admin on October 10, 2016

crazy-sa-khtv-300x200It’s not often you see young people sharing honestly to the point of tears on video but that is what happened during a recent filming session of KidsHubTV in South Africa. Cherise, the Producer, tells the story:

We were looking at stories of faith, and the children were discussing the story of Jairus’ daughter in the Bible. We asked the KidsHub presenters if they had a personal story in their own lives, where they really had to have faith and trust God for something. We reminded them that their stories of faith might help their friends across Africa. We asked them to spend the day praying about what they wanted to share. When the time came for us to film that scene of real stories, the children spoke from the heart, and almost the entire crew were in tears.

One presenter Kegan, shared about his dad who was diagnosed with cancer. The family prayed and prayed, and it turned out that he was misdiagnosed. Another Narissa, told us how her mum had to go for routine tests. The doctors discovered that she had a very aggressive form of cancer. Narissa shared how she had to have faith because she didn’t know if she would see her mum again. The presenters reminded the KidsHub Friends of the importance of faith.

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