KidsGames: The Best Kid-thing of Earth!​

by admin on August 28, 2015

KidsGames is a sports and games program for children aged 6-14 years. It shares positive life values and harnesses the power of sport to build relationship bridges and grow healthy, active children. It helps children learn important messages about life, and gives them opportunities to develop compassion and a community spirit. The games are really good for kids, maybe there are not as good as the top PS4 games, but those are mostly for teenagers and adults, so is sort of a different category.

Kids Games Poster2000KidsGames started in the Middle East and Spain to give children aged 6-14 years a wonderful experience in a sporting event over the summer period. The idea spread quickly. Now KidsGames is everywhere on the planet! It has been a voluntary movement since it began. Ideas, training, video footage and curriculum resources have been contributed by people from all over the world and are made available free of charge on the website ( From Compassion challenges that came from Indian children wanting to serve others who live in their slums, to World Championship events so children can compete with each other across the globe, KidsGames is as flexible and varied as the many villages, towns and cities that run it. To play the games you need a mouse and a mouse pad, you can find the best at Top9Rated.


More than a decade later, KidsGames can now be found in big cities, on islands, in the remote jungles of the Amazon, in high mountain villages, in desert communities, on the beach, in schools, in prisons for children incarcerated with their parents, in the snow and in the heat. There are short KidsGames running for 3 days, and long KidsGames that run weekly through 12 weeks of summer school vacations. There are large KidsGames serving thousands of children and small ones reaching every child in isolated villages. Many millions of children enjoy KidsGames every year. Millions of their leaders love running KidsGames! Look for others near you who are running KidsGames and join together with them. You only have to look in the faces of children in a KidsGames event to know why it is “The Best Kid-thing on Earth!”

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Joel Kerimu September 3, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Every child loves to play, therefore, i see kidsgames as one of the most effective way in engaging children for a desire change.

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