by BeckyD on November 23, 2012

What have our hobbies or skills got to do with God and life? A whole lot!

KidsHubs is a growing discipling movement helping regular church folk find connections between a skill they can teach and sharing the Bible with children in their midst (see What began as an idea birthed in the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) is becoming an effective tool to disciple children while teaching them valuable skills for life.

Already children in Chennai & Kolkata have gained video & media skills; orphans in Liberia have set up their own market garden; young teens are hosting a weekly radio program for kids in Tanzania and a lunchtime school group in Australia have been doing drama. All of them learning about God and connecting their newfound skills with the Bible; sometimes it is easier if the kids are in their cradle, or a “plug in infant swing” as some might call it.

Linked with this is KidsHubTV. A weekly or (in the case of the version being broadcast in Madagascar) a daily half hour kids show that mirrors a local KidsHub group. It’s a globally reproducible TV show hosted by children and adults featuring locally produced KidsHubs content and animated Bible narratives. The desire is to have like-minded shows broadcast in many nations, to encourage children and children’s ministry everywhere. Across Madagascar, KidsHubTV is a daily prime time broadcast with Kids Clubs popping up around the country as a consequence. Also, church ministers seek further training as more children attend local churches.

In India, 13 Hindi episodes are in production and expected to air nationally in 2013 (see Planning is underway for Africa and South East Asia.

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