KidsHubs at the Pyramids

by BeckyD on April 13, 2015

E6E2Imagine being part of a KidsHub at the pyramids in Giza, Egypt.  Children in Egypt visited the pyramids and other historical monuments & museums as part of their church’s KidsHub cultural lessons. They also researched the 7 wonders of the world and the10 longest rivers. And not only cultural sessions, but also skills in art, carpentry, drama, languages, computer, music and even the statues industry were taught.

4000 children in 50 churches were involved in KidsHubs last year in Egypt. A young enthusiastic team working with Egyptian Pastor Steven have written a 12 week curriculum to share. Including special sessions to encourage biblical literacy called ‘The Tabernacle’.  From this 1900 children were also involved in a country-wide competition. The material was complemented by daily devotions for children to do at home.

The team’s fantastic approach has seen children reached holistically. Sessions have been created and events run specifically to cover spiritual, physical, psychological, social and cultural aspects of a child’s life.

Churches have also been providing practical help in covering medical expenses, food and clothing for the more needy amongst them.

Special events have been run including a camp involving 600 children and 10 churches with the theme ‘Heal me and use me’.  Children’s festivals in three regions involved 2100 children and saw 350 give their lives to Jesus.

This year they are hoping to reach 10,000 children through KidsHubs across Egypt, disciple 3000 children, assist 500 children with food, clothing and medicine and train 700 leaders. And if that’s not enough 20 churches have indicated they want to make KidsHubTV. Incredible!

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