KidsHubs Radio and TV in Tanzania

by BeckyD on September 9, 2014

frames on floorIn October 2013, a KidsHub TV training was held in Dubai for children’s ministers and media professionals in children’s ministry. Andrew a children’s ministry Project Director and Joyce, Manager from Top Radio Tanzania attended this training. Joyce says, “Bro. Andrew shared with us an idea of doing a radio show for kids. He brought a group of children from Compassion and we started a live radio program with them every week. This program was very successful and I was happy but it was at the Dubai training that I learnt how and why to involve children in reaching out to their peers using creative methods. Bro.Andrew and I came back to Tanzania and we changed the approach of the radio show. We used the principles of KidsHubs and involved the children, we let them run the entire one hour show. We were amazed to see the results.”

Saada hosts KidsHubRadioAndrew too was very thrilled with the response of the KidsHub radio program, he says, “We involved the children while planning the segments of the show. They prepared beforehand and the children shared their thoughts about the Bible passage and issues that related to it. They answered live calls on the show and we were there at the studio only to facilitate while they ministered. This was really empowering kids and I was very happy with the outcome.”

At the same time Top Radio was getting ready to begin its own Christian TV channel and Andrew and Joyce could see the potential to make the radio program concept into a KidsHubTV show. The leaders were very excited and felt the need for media training. A KidsHubTV team visited them last month and trained 11 journalists and radio hosts in how to put together a television show. They also trained 7 children and 16 children’s leaders from 5 different organisations and 8 churches to use media, drama and sports to disciple children in their areas of influence. At the end of the training the children’s ministries and the journalists committed themselves to personally disciple young adults and children to reach out to their peers.

KHTV shoot 3With the help of the KHTV team, they were able to design and shoot a pilot episode themed around the story of the Good Samaritan. The format of the show focuses on a theme for one week by producing 15 minute daily programs. Each day would feature either a song, sport, art and craft, bible animation, drama or interview relevant to the theme. The Sunday program would be a one-hour program combining all the segments.

The training was very intensive and fruitful. Tanzania is becoming a role model for KHTV in Africa with their KidsHub radio program and KidsHub TV program.



francis September 11, 2014 at 2:15 pm

For real it is good idea for creative kidsHub radio program because some people like to listen radio rather than TV or they don’t have TV but have a radio. Through KidsHub radio program they can learn how to help the children to grow and develop their own talent with the Bible.

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