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by BeckyD on July 29, 2015

Reports from around the world …

KidsHubs trainers have been busy!

KH3Malaysia: 3 KidsHubs trainings were conducted in Malaysia. 60 leaders took part in the training run by a leader from India. He also ran sessions for children in 5 different locations with a total of 300 children participating.

Chennai: 42 teachers from 4 churches attended a 1-day training for leaders organized by the Church of South India in Chennai.

KH2Thailand: KidsHubs workshops were held at the gcmEQUIP training conference in Thailand. There were 15 representatives from various organizations who participated in each KidsHubs workshop. The participants were amazed at how relevant & interesting a KidsHubs session was, stating it was anointed and fully involved the child.   KidsHubs has now been asked to conduct trainings in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Nagaland in India; Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia and South America.

KH1Nigeria: 41 trainers from across Nigeria attended the KidsHubs Training of Trainers. A team of leaders from Uganda and Liberia facilitated the training. One discouraged children’s leader came to the training who had given up teaching children due to the challenges. One of the leaders reports that, “she resolved that when she returns back home she will continue discipling the children due to the knowledge and the renewed zeal and motivation she had received.”

If you want to hold your own training …

These easy-to-use training guides will help you conduct a Half Day Vision Casting training or a full 3 – 5 day KidsHubs training.

Additional Resources:

The KidsHubs training resources can also be found on the 1for50 resource website –

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