KidsHubs training is spreading!

by BeckyD on November 6, 2014



Since the KidsHub training was run in Liberia, Uganda & Tanzania mid year there has been some very encouraging feedback of how it’s spreading. Sami from Ethiopia who attended the Uganda training emailed saying:

“Regarding Kidshub, I have already discussed with the rest of the staff and we have planned on how to drill the idea in the minds and hearts of children’s workers especially those whom we are giving a diploma program in block courses at CDTRC (Child Development Training and Research Centre). In addition to this we have done two camping programs this summer each contained 40 children whose age is 13 and 20 diploma students so that they can see and learn to do camping and KidsHub in their own churches. This will continue for the next four years…until the 13 year old children become 18 year olds.  In the camping program we have added KidsHub experiences which me and Belay (Sami’s colleague) have learnt during the Kampala Kidshub training. We did crafts, beads, face painting, football, and related games. We also filmed all the process and it is now on its way being edited by professionals.”

Sami is now adding a KidsHubs & Creative Thinking component to their Diploma Course for 20 students that will begin this month when 20 students from all over Ethiopia will attend for a year and a half. He said: “I need you to know that the training you have given us has given me a new dimension and also challenged me a lot. Now we have got a new and the easiest strategic ways to raise a new generation of Ethiopia and Africa and that is KidsHub.”

Tolu from Nigeria who attended the Tanzania KidsHub training has also run a half-day training at a local church. She hopes to join with others to run a nationwide training for many churches & children’s leaders from across Nigeria next year.


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