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by BeckyD on September 16, 2014

Liberia shootWith the tragic outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia and the total shut down of the country in recent weeks, we are thankful to God for the open doors to run a training in Monrovia just days before the borders closed. About 80 leaders and 60 children were trained in media and discipleship. The leaders who attended had never been to a ministry training of this kind before and learning about KidsHubs expanded their vision to reach out to children and be an influence in their homes and in their society.

We were able to work with these children and leaders to successfully launch KidsHub TV Liberia. There is also the possibility of starting four new KidsHubs. Three would be started in orphanages and with underprivileged children and one in the city.

Blahyi prayingThe first episode of KidsHubTV featured the story of Zacchaeus’ transformation when he met Jesus. It was therefore appropriate to interview Joshua Milton Blahyi, formerly known as General Butt Naked – the Liberian Rebel leader/mass murderer who was responsible for the deaths of some 20,000 people but whose life was turned around when he met Jesus. Evangelist Blahyi encouraged the kids on the show to persevere to follow God and do what is right. The KidsHubTV cast and crew were encouraged to hear this story of transformation. They believe this will be a great start to launch the KidsHub TV program in their nation.

We join with them in their prayer to see lives transformed in Liberia. Please continue to pray for their ministry and healing. The schools have been shut down because of the Ebola virus and normal life has been disrupted yet they choose to believe that God is at work in their land and we say Amen to it.

– The KidsHub Team.

KHub group shot

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