KidsHubsTV – Madagascar

by BeckyD on December 6, 2012

KidsHubsTV in Madagascar continues to be used by God in some amazing ways. It is providing a real talking point across Madagascar. Over 650 children are now actively involved in children’s clubs to learn about Jesus and over 100 people have gone to the offices of the KidsHubsTV producers to receive training in how they can improve the way they engage with children in their clubs and churches, teaching them and discipling them about Jesus.

The children involved in the production of the show are beginning to realise that they have God given talents and skills and wish to use these abilities to win other children to God’s Kingdom. The ‘fan’ base of KidsHubsTV continues to grow with large outdoor events taking place once every three months. The events allow children to come and play and learn how they can follow Jesus in their ‘everyday context’. With a very limited budget and staff, God is doing wonderful things!

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