Make your own KidsHubTV video

by BeckyD on November 9, 2015

Now making your own version of KidsHubTV just got a whole lot easier. When you sign up as a Producer at KidsHubTV you get access to animated titles and video resources to create your own local KidsHubTV video and it’s FREE.

KidsHubTVKidsHubTV began as a kid’s club-style TV show mirroring the local KidsHub groups featuring a Bible story and theme and skills demonstrated by a cast of children along with young adult leaders. Since then KidsHubTV has become more interactive and created a platform for local KidsHubs groups & young people around the world to make their own videos and share them on the KidsHubTVwebsite and facebook page. Bible story animations and animated titles & music have also been shared to help build local versions of the show.

You can now download information booklets: KidsHubTV Overview and KidsHubTV Start Up Manual under Resources at KidsHubs or under Producer’s Resources at KidsHubTV.

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