Max7 – Old Testament studies for teens and adults

by BeckyD on May 8, 2015

Max7NavBarCan you learn anything from the people of the Old Testament? Do their relationships with God have anything to do with your relationship with Him? These two video series will help you to explore these questions and develop a deeper understanding of God and his ways.

They are designed for older, mature teens and adults. Each video lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. To find them on Max7, click on the titles below.

A Journey of Faith with the Genesis Patriarchs

GenesisThis in-depth series on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph will help you understand better the nature of faith and your walk with God.  These are some of the most memorable personalities in the Bible, with fascinating stories and significant lessons for us.

There are 21 videos in the series


Faith, Failure and a Phenomenal God

JudgesThis in-depth study of the book of Judges will introduce you to these very human men and women and their triumphs and failures. It will provide you with many practical principles for living the Christian life as we explore the fascinating stories of Israel’s “Dark Ages”.

There are 27 videos in the series.

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