Max7 Relaunched!

by BeckyD on August 4, 2015

Making a good thing even better! has been ‘refurbished’, ‘redeveloped’ and now…..relaunched !!

For 8 years Max7 has been serving people all over the world – providing resources for children’s ministry. 2,016 resources (6,500 total files in 40+ languages) have been donated from around the world by large organisations and small, volunteer children’s workers and full-time ministry leaders. 2.3 million resources have now been downloaded from the site and 56 million resources distributed via disc and USB drive.

During this time, technology has continued to develop, making new things possible. Also, the shear volume of uploads and downloads has put new demands on the site. It was felt it was time to relaunch the site. Phase one of this launch has now gone live.

The largest changes to the new Max7 (apart from the new main page) are the increased options for searching for resources. The aim is to help users to locate what they are looking for as quickly as possible.A great deal of time was also spent sorting the resources so the search engine can identify them more accurately.

Other functionality – such as the ability to create your own personal library with your favourite resources – is also part of the new version of Max7. In later phases of the project it will be possible to build a disc of this library to download and share off-line.

Max7 is a kingdom effort through global partnership. It is an incredible tool to share more Bible resources with others—and by God’s grace change the world.

Visit the website at, or find the free Max7 app in Apple and Google Play stores today.


Michael Collins August 4, 2015 at 7:46 am

Go Max7 Go – Congratulations on the CHANGE and on your impact on this CHANGING world of Ministry with and to Children.

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