Meeting the needs of children and families through KidsHubs

by BeckyD on May 28, 2015

sportsMost middle class parents in Africa are concerned about the competition in schools, universities and social opportunities because of their huge population and limited resources. They make special efforts to give their children a good foundation in education. They send them to tuition and special classes even on weekends. The church has lost many of these children.

A ministry leader in Ghana who is also a software developer was inspired by the idea of KidsHubs i.e. mentoring using life skills and the Bible. He is developing this idea where teens can learn computer coding, do some sports, build values and become disciples. This model has the potential to become a bridge for the church to reach out to the parents and children.

We will continue to update you about various models across the globe that carries the DNA of KidsHubs. We are keen to hear from you about your discipleship programs.  Tell us your story here. If you have any resources that can be used by other KidsHubs please upload ideas and resources here. New resources for teens can be found at the link below BibleMAX Teens.


Michael Collins June 12, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Great skill – computer coding. Keep up the good work – is there a Curriculum that can be used here in India – sounds like a very similar situation and a great opportunity to reach kids who are eager to be computer savvy.

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