Multiplying resources

by BeckyD on December 6, 2012

How do you get the maximum number of resources out to the maximum number of people who need them? You make them available free of charge, free of copyright restrictions and free to be modified and translated!

Max7 is an open source website full of Children’s Ministry curriculum, videos, games, models, etc available in several dozen languages. all the materials have been donated and translated anonymously and freely to enable ministry with children around the globe. So far, the site has served 1,295,087 resource downloads to at least 214 countries.

Because many people are still not able to access the internet easily, Many of the these resources have also been made available via the 2fish5bread DVDs. these have been distributed widely in the past couple of years. Everyone who receives a DVD is encouraged to copy it and pass it on to as many people as possible (we want people to pirate it!). In this way, over 33,500,00 resources have been distributed to 200 countries.


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