Never stop learning

by BeckyD on June 27, 2016

LE logoAlbert Einstein said, “Once you stop learning you start dying.” Or how about this: “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” As followers of Jesus we would all agree we need a teachable spirit with hearts and minds that are seeking to learn more about God, ourselves, the young people we serve and minister with, and how we can be relevant to their generation. 19 experienced children’s ministry leaders from 14 countries did just that spending 5 weeks together at the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) Leadership Experience in South Africa. It is the first time this 9 month-long course has been run and here is what some of the participants shared:

“I am an experienced leader of children but I have discovered whole new dimensions I had never thought about.”

LE-group-photo“I knew how to get down to their [children’s] level but now I’ve been challenged to get into their world.”

“I’ve felt like a child of God… as I’ve experienced that, I realize things in my ministry with children I’ve missed. The experience of brokenness to wholeness starts with me.”

Now that the residential intensive has finished, the participants have gone back home and are continuing to learn through online forums, mentoring and by working on a major project in their ministry. Please continue to pray for these leaders and those facilitating their training, that God would continue the great work he has begun!

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