New Max7 Resource Library – Following Jesus

by admin on August 6, 2015

4-p19ru2gasvsplcs7bdk1qc41gdn3-p19ru2gasu1b0brlv1vr61lp1fu12-p19ru2gastm9cmg315ui1g7u1kam1-p19ru27a2hvt52klr941g31jdkCheck out the latest library of resources, entitled “Following Jesus”. This is a series of animations from the life of Jesus and his followers. It is partnered with lessons and activity sheets to create a full package of materials to support learning more about following Jesus – the Son of God.

Use the single animated video for general storytelling, or the individual episodes to play when teaching from the BibleMAX lessons. The videos are suitable for all ages and the lessons are aimed at 6-12 year olds. Activity sheets are optional.

The Following Jesus library contains all of the videos and lessons.

The Full animated story runs about 15 minutes and contains all the stories.

The 5 animated episodes  include: Come follow Me, He welcomes sinners, Trust in Him, Praise or oppose Him and From death to Life.

The BibleMAX lessons are designed to last about an hour and include games, songs, discussion guide and memory verse.

We’d love to hear your stories of how you are using the videos and how the children are responding.

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