New on Max7: Child Safety Curriculum

by BeckyD on November 11, 2014

Child and Adult holding hands

Children’s workers have a sacred responsibility to respect and protect the children in their care. Developed by a major international children’s ministry organisation,  this resource will help you to train your team and teach your children that they are precious in God’s eyes and worth the best we can give them.

The resource can be found here and contains the following materials:

  • Child Safety Overview Document
  • Three PowerPoint Training Resources
    • Part 1 – Teacher equipping resources
    • Part 2 – Guidelines for working with at-risk children
    • Part 3 – Six child safety lessons to use with children
  • Child Safety Manual
    • Lesson 1 – Our Identity in Christ
    • Lesson 2 – Clean Kids are Healthy Kids
    • Lesson 3 – Smart Choices
    • Lesson 4 – It is OK to Say “NO!”
    • Lesson 5 – Good Touch, Bad Touch
    • Lesson 6 – Safety Points

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