Partnering in India

by BeckyD on January 31, 2013

The Children’s Ministry Network in Chennai is part of a wider network called the Chennai Transformation Network (CTN), which was started about 10 years ago. The Children’s Track was started in April 2007. Our key purpose is to build relationships among children’s ministry leaders and eventually partner in ways that will help strengthen and enhance the work that we do both on our own and together. This was a dream at first but we’ve seen it become a reality over the last 4 years.

One of our biggest projects was to help coordinate the biggest-ever outreach event for children in Chennai, where over 28,000 children attended. This was done with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association during the Franklin Graham Festival in January 2010.

Training of Sunday School Leaders and Teachers also takes place with the resource persons being the different leaders of the network. This has never happened before in the city. Over the span of 4 months, over 250 Sunday School teachers from over 50 churches in 4 different localities in the city have been trained.

More recently the network has grown to include leaders from over 20 children’s ministry organisations in the city. The leaders of the network have developed a good relationship among themselves that spreads beyond just ministry opportunities but has even gone onto a personal level. We continue to seek to partner among leaders, where relationship is the basis and we believe that it’s this element of relational partnering that will eventually transform the ministry to children in India.

On a national level, the National Children’s Network that was set up in June 2011 has been steadily growing with more leaders from across the country getting a vision of what the network is all about – namely, facilitating the setting up of Children’s Ministry Networks in cities, towns and villages across India.

The latest development is that one of our neighbouring states (Andhra Pradesh) set up their Children’s Ministry Network in Nov 2012. They’ve called it the NCN AP and there seems to be very good momentum picking up already. They had 7 leaders at their November meeting and 14 leaders in their Jan 18th 2013 meeting.  We hope to see many more networks like these set up across India as this will greatly multiply the impact that children’s ministry has in the cities, towns and villages they represent.

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