Praying for Children at Risk

by BeckyD on May 12, 2015


When you see the world through the eyes of a vulnerable child it can be painful, frightening and lonely. Globally, one billion children live in poverty, with an increased number in the developed world.

And yet we believe that God is a God of protection, provision and promises.

The 2015 World Weekend of Prayer for children at risk campaign on 6-7 June is focused on the words of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel: “I am with you always”. The desire is to turn to God together in prayer for a change of attitude and action by all communities around the world towards their children.

Each year, this initiative brings together tens of thousands of adults and children from 40 countries to pray on behalf of the hurting children in their own communities, and those in far-off places – that God would give them strength and carry them through their desperately tough times. Could your church or ministry join this global prayer campaign?

Go to to find resources for download, including a resource guide,  activities for all ages, a PowerPoint presentation, a video of children thanking God for being with them and a theological reflection. Resources are available in over 20 languages. Please feel free to tailor the materials to include your own stories and logo, and adapt the PowerPoint to meet your needs. You can also learn more on the Facebook page:


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