Report from the Laussane Congress Young Leaders Gathering

by admin on September 29, 2016

1,000 leaders (ages 25 to 40) and 200 mentors and 100 Lausanne team and great number of volunteers gathering in Jakarta for 10 days of plenaries, connect groups (5-6 leaders with a mentor), workshops, regional meetings, and one-on-one sessions. A team from GCF was privileged to be invites to lead 4 workshops – 2 on Children at risk and 2 on Children and Evangelism. Over 120 of the leaders engaged with these workshops and learned more about God’s heart for children’s wholeness in all spheres of their lives. Many went away with a new vision for ministry among children and an awareness of new tools which are available for free through GCF projects such as Max7, 1for50 and Kids Hubs.

Some comments:

Nosa (Nigeria): YLG 2016 provided for me the opportunity to see a glimpse of Rev.7:9. It was amazing being in the same place with almost 1,200 Christians from different cultures, nations, languages, ages, and gender. As a mentor I was provided the opportunity to listen to and be drawn into the life stories of younger leaders.

Pearl (India): The lives and testimonies of the speakers and those off stage, the encouragement of my connect group to share my life and my vision helped me re-enforce my calling and destiny. I am willing to continue to walk that difficult road, take those risks and go to the edges because I am among the few who is called for that kind of life.

Fred (France): The thing that impacted me the most during the YLG2016 was to be part of the team who presented the 2 workshops on “Children and Evangelism”. It was an amazing opportunity to share the same passion for children with people from all over the world and to bless others who wanted to discover its importance. I learnt a lot with more experienced brothers and sisters. It was a great opportunity to work with each other with a humble and loving spirit.

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