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by BeckyD on October 30, 2014

Max7 - open source resources for children's ministry

Max7 – open source resources for children’s ministry

This year Max7 has already helped people share more than 1.6 million ministry resources.

As I look at the final months of the year, I’m reminded of our wonderful season of celebration that is on its way. God’s great gift to us – how will you celebrate? Would you share a Christmas resource that you have made for your ministry?

Keep on praying and giving so that other parts of the body can rejoice at your generosity, and carry  on serving children, youth and their families.

Get it?
Have you downloaded Max7 resources and found them helpful? Let us know…

Give it!
Have you produced resources for children’s or youth Ministry that you are able to share? Go to, click on SHARE YOUR RESOURCES and follow the prompts!

Stay tuned … a totally new Max7 website will be unveiled very soon!

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