Story-Telling Workshop in Chennai

by admin on October 14, 2015

13091501September saw partnering in Chennai, India take place at a level that is both exciting and encouraging – a Story-Telling Workshop took place on the 4th and 5th of September, with 95 participants, representing 18 Children’s Ministry Organisations, 9 churches, 1 Bible College. The partnership went further with the Resource Person – Gary Strudler from Kids Around The World (assisted by his son-in-law Clayton) running the sessions. Two partnering networks – Global Children’s Forum (GCF) and the National Children’s Network (NCN) were also partners in this event.

This Workshop was an eye-opener to all who attended as this was the first of it’s kind in the city. The simple, interactive, hands-on method of story-telling, followed by a retelling of the story, coupled with questions that connect with the head, heart and hand were very powerful.  It was very interesting to see how a well-known Bible story could come alive and how different people drew different applications from the same story.

One of the most powerful moments on day 2 was when the leader and all participants experienced such a powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. Many of us were deeply convicted that we were not depending enough on the Holy Spirit while teaching the lessons to children, but were rather leaning more on our skills and presentation methods and / or were merely concerned about rushing through the content of our lessons – thereby missing what the Lord was wanting to convey to the children.

The leaders who were trained have begun to see the impact this workshop is having both on the children they teach and on their own lives as well.

Partnering minimises effort and maximises impact.

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