Tanzania KidsHubs make DVD for their community

by BeckyD on May 28, 2015

In April this year, 10 children and 10 Sunday school teachers took part in a KidsHubs training event. They learnt puppetry (For KidsHubs sessions on Puppetry click here) to tell the good news of Jesus and focused on a servant leadership strategy and heart values to use in their local KidsHubs group.

IMG_4109The group were involved in filming a KidsHubTV show. This episode was designed by the Sunday school teachers to reach out to children from all backgrounds and religions in their community. They filmed a range of segments with children doing a short drama about sharing, a Ubabalo soccer skills session, acrobatics and a children’s choir. Preschoolers involved in a Helping Hands project were also caught on video. Interviews with both parents and children were also filmed about health & hygiene, the importance of good behavior and education on child abuse.

Madam Pascolina - How to Wash the ClothesThe team in Morogoro, TZ hope to make 100 copies of their KidsHubTV DVD to distribute in their community. Their next project is to create short 3 minute segments to upload on YouTube and kidshubtv.com.

What about you? Could you film a short segment with children acting in a drama, teaching a song or interviewing each other? Sign up as a Producer (it’s free) on kidshubtv. Click on the ‘Menu’ top left of the homepage & get started!

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