Teens empowered for disciple-making among children

by BeckyD on February 17, 2016

Three teens from Togo – Zeka, Fonetico and Wisdom first trained in KidsHubs Media in 2013. Today they are all running their own KidsHubs groups and making KidsHubTV videos.

Zeka (20 years) writes “My father died from heart attack in 2013; my mother is a bear cake seller. With KidsHubs, I want to make disciples for Jesus, through broadcast show and surely make media as my profession. Everyday we are involved in the children ministry. The kids and teens that we are serving are very gifted and talented. I am so glad to be an instrument that the Lord is using to serve them.”


Fonetico (far right)

Fonetico (19 years) writes, “I am the last born of a family of 7 persons, my father is dead and my mother is small fish seller. I love Jesus and I love video and I want to use video to share Jesus with my friends and everybody.”



Wisdom (20 years) explains that both parents are without work and life is very hard. But says, “I am seriously involved in KidsHub because it is a good platform to learn more (about) God through bible studies; I love kids; we learn media & other skills at KidsHub gatherings and it is an amazing experience. I wish to be one of the best cameramen for the Lord.”

Eric their mentor said, “We are experiencing the best and exciting moment of our life through the KidsHub strategy, it is all about disciple making.” The three teens could not have expressed it better when they wrote, “Our dream is to see every child become Jesus’ disciple through media.”

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