The 1for50 training vision continues to expand

by BeckyD on July 2, 2013


1for50 ANNUAL RETREAT IN  BOGOTÁ:  About 50 global and regional leaders met together in Colombia for the 1for50 Annual Retreat. There were orientation classes for newcomers, working groups focused on new resources, communications and growing regional teams, etc. A highlight was the “Weather Report” where we looked at a global map with stickers representing current 1for50 movement and saw that it was COVERED with events . “It feels like 1for50 is walking on its own now!” The group was energized for a new stage of working together to reach the dream of “every child, every community.”

1for50 BEGINS IN VENEZUELA: On the 15th of June, the very first 1for50 training was held in Venezuela. 45 leaders participated representing 15 churches from the city of Tucupita. The training was divided into two parts. The first part focused on the vision and strategy of 1for50 and the second part involved sharing Max7 and ONE HOPE materials to give the churches the tools necessary to carry out the 1for50 dream.

“NEXT STEP” CURRICULUM & RESOURCES BEING GATHERED:  A new group has formed that is working on gathering, finding and possibly creating new resources that support training needed to help us all with the 1for50 dream.

5-6 July                Venezuela: Vision/Training event
15-19 July            Togo: 1for50 Summit and TOT  
29-30 July           Venezuela: Vision/Training Event
5-16 August         Mongolia: 1for50 TOT in two major cities
26-30 August      South Africa: 1for50 Vision/Training meetings
mid-October       Philippines: 1for50 Vision/Training 
14 October          USA: Zip Code Challenge Training
18-19 October    Thailand: 1for50 GTS
mid-Oct                Indonesia: 1for50 training and TOT
mid-Nov               Egypt: 1for50 TOT

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