Training teachers, changing lives

by BeckyD on January 21, 2016

In the last couple of years, 1for50 has trained over 13,000 children’s ministry leaders and teachers who have in turn trained thousands more. Here are a couple of stories of the impact this has had on the children in their communities.


A 1for50 leader in India recently shared this testimony:  “Since I understood the 1for50 vision, I have made time to do front-line evangelism and set up a children’s club in a very poor neighborhood in our city. We started last year in June and are discipling about 50 kids every Sunday and have special events in summer. Thirty-four children have accepted to believe and obey Jesus and we can see changes in them. They are learning to pray on their own, worship meaningfully and understand God’s Word. This has been no easy task as they have not had quality upbringing. They would shout to talk, quarrel, fight and not get along with each other. These are getting to be things of the past and we give glory to God.”


1for50 trained teachers at a hostel in Nepal began to teach the children there the names of God. One of the boys in their class had been sneaking out of the hostel at night to watch things he shouldn’t have at an internet café.  When he learned that God is El Roi, the God who sees, he was deeply convicted and confessed his sin to his teachers. He also asked them to help him makes some changes in his life. With their guidance, he has grown in spiritual maturity and is ministering to the younger children at the hostel!


A 1for50 leader in Mongolia heard God’ s call to be a missionary and moved his family among a virtually unreached people group in his country. He started training children’s leaders in the region and began a children’s ministry in a local church which previously had nothing for kids. He also went to the region’s capital city and taught character education in the schools. The community leaders asked him to return because the teaching is different than anything else the children are learning!

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