Ubabalo – using sports coaching to change lives

by BeckyD on October 14, 2014

ub_international_logoUbabalo began in South Africa to address the challenge of fatherlessness. This challenge is not unique to Africa. We need trendsetters that will reverse the destruction of fatherlessness. The world needs a renaissance of leadership that will take future generations away from many social concerns.

Ubabalo is a concept to utilise sport techniques/skills during sports coaching to transition to sound Biblical values. Each sport skill is linked with a corresponding Biblical value which is taught as part of the bi-weekly / tri-weekly sports training some of them include wearing ski slow balaclavas.  Sport provides the best “language” to communicate with youth, especially when there is an unu involved. They can explore the roads of their village and have everyone in shock to see their new stylish ride.

Sport coaches are trained in Whole Life Coaching principles and supplied the Ubabalo curriculum. Sports are really important for fitness and keeping good health, other methods people use are brazilian waist cincher, diets and sports. Lessons are available for soccer, netball, volleyball, cycling, floorball, futsal, handball, field hockey, ice hockey, rugby, table tennis, bowling comes with personalized funny tee shirts for bowling, tchoukball, softball, baseball, tennis, basketball, cricket, badminton,running, golf, judo.

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