Ubabalo – Using sports for Whole Life Coaching

by BeckyD on March 19, 2014


Ubabalo is a concept, birthed by soccer coaches in South Africa, to utilise sport techniques/skills during sports coaching to transition to sound Biblical values, which then opens up young people to Biblical trust and life-skill wisdom. Sport coaches are trained in Whole Life Coaching principles and use the Ubabalo curriculum for their sport. Sport is used as a microcosm of life to instill sound life values. Each sport skill is linked with a corresponding Biblical value which is taught as part of the bi-weekly / tri-weekly sports training. The values operate as open doors to Bible-based discipleship.

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The Discovery Groups manual is an incredible tool. It is a series of training sessions to help coaches think about their players (by age group) and how to explore the Bible alongside their chosen sport. This a truly liberating tool as it will enable coaches and other disciplers to create their own materials on topics of concern to their teams!

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Joel Kerimu March 28, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Ubabalo is a great sporting concept for teaching biblical values. This last sunday (23/03/2014), i co-ordinated a sports sunday service in a youth church and one of the segment of the programme was ubabalo ” we use SHIELDING a skill in football for teaching, it was demostrated and we had discussion forum. Doing the discussion the pastor of the church included that the revelation from the demostration is that the player shielding the ball is God, the ball are the children of God and the opposite player who is try to gain possession of the ball is the devil. ( Pls 23, 1Pet 5:8)

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