Ugandan KidsHub camp

by BeckyD on February 19, 2013

In September 131 Ugandan children attended a 3-day KidsHub camp where they gathered around the Bible each day while learning skills that they can use in everyday life.

At the camp, the children were involved in lessons on cooking, baking, gardening, photography, video shooting and card making. Learning how to cook some traditional Ugandan meals was a highlight for the children – many of whom are missing key adults in their life due to HIV and the affects of civil war. An email from one of the leaders shows how profound the event was:

“Various parents have told us how their children learned how to make their beds and organise their rooms. Some children learned how to shower themselves, others started considering keeping their homes clean while others learned how to make some simple breakfast or how to prepare salads. Many of the kids gained self-esteem and they can now speak boldly in public and socialise with others We really thank God for this camp. It was really a blessing to many kids, homes, and the ministry as well.”

They also learned they could make a bracelet that helped them to share God’s great story of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. the outcomes have been fantastic as the children took the extra bracelets and shared the message with family and friends, each time relaying the Bible message.

Every child involved in a KidsHub lesson is introduced to teh bible and Jesus. They learn life skills and make connections between these skills, the bible and the daily reality of walking with Jesus in their unique situations.

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