Ugandan ministries continue to partner for children

by BeckyD on July 2, 2013

Last year a significant group of Ugandan ministries worked together to hold the first Ugandan Children’s forum which was run by and for children. For a full report on what happened, CLICK HERE.
Richard writes of what is currently happening:
“We continue to work towards togetherness, putting more efforts in working together and sharing. It seems that that is a growing need. Another thing that people seem to value is sharing resources with each other. They are looking at existing resources, wanting to share with more children workers across the country, with also the intent to localise and adopt more of the materials. There is also is a growing need of translation of materials into major local dialects, though we did not come up with such ready and short term plans to start on it.  We were able to introduce people to the GCF resources of Max7, the 2fish5bread discs and Aim Lower website and Journal. The 4-14 Window and Child Theology movements were mentioned as well as resources from various organisations.
“We also shared the challenges we face such as:
·         Training leaders
·         Developing local curricula and in local languages and for non literate people to use
·         Working together / sharing
·         Leadership – motivation for children’s ministry
·         Disability and trauma
·         The need to share programmes and plans  and support each other
“Ultimately, we are also aiming at having another UCF meeting and use it as a catalyst and a force to encounter the highlighted challenges.”
Christopher D. Maphosa July 23, 2013 at 8:36 am

Glory be to the Lord almighty for what is happening in Uganda. It is one of my prayers that most of our African countries to hold such forums at country levels, regional level and eventually Africa as continent. Slow but sure we will get there
May the Lord God bless the Ugandian brothers and sisters
Chris Maphosa from Zimbabwe

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