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by BeckyD on June 19, 2013

Max7 - open source resources for children's ministry

Max7 – open source resources for children’s ministry

This week the counter on the Max7 website clicked over to 1.5 million resources downloaded! On average, one resource is downloaded every minute. In addition, over 42 million resources have been distributed via DVD and CD

How can you be involved in this exciting movement?

  • Introduce someone to the website ( or use the DiscBuilder function on the website to compile a disc of resources you find helpful and pass it on to others in your network.
  • Upload a resource you have created so that others can benefit from your creativity and expertise. Resources can be of any kind (lessons, visuals, music, articles, activities, etc) and in any language but must be completely anonymous (no names or logos) and free of copyright restrictions.
  • Build on what someone else has contributed by translating it into your language and/or adapting it to your context.
  • Help manage the site by moderating resources in your language
Emeka June 22, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Keep notifie on the 1 for 50, & kidshub Tv new infomation. Etc

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