Serving Together Until Every Child Discovers Jesus

It doesn’t make sense .. but it will. How can we tell the story of Jesus to the 2 billion+ children of the world if we stop working and reduce our goals? Discover why thousands of people, churches and Christian agencies around the world are working together to bring fresh insights and resources to the vital task of mission and discipleship with children.

Discover more about how we Aim Lower, Think Smaller, Give Up and Go have a cup of coffee.

Aim Lower.. One in every three people alive today are children under the age of 15. But only 15% of global mission giving goes towards children, even though 60-80% of all responses to the Gospel are made by children. Our first challenge in the great commission is to aim at a lower age … more

Think Smaller.. Jesus said “You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.” We need to think smaller and discover new ways to nurture and encourage their faith … more

Give Up.. Together, as we seek to effectively evangelize, nurture and equip children, we need to be willing to share resources more freely and give up the pride of building empires and organizations and put Kingdom-building at the forefront … more

Go have a cup of coffee.. No one has all the answers, the resources, the creativity or the mandate to do it all. We need the relationships that start by having a cup of coffee with someone from the church down the road. With whom could you have a cup of coffee?… more